Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: test performance in real life [video]

From September 26, iPhone 6 already officially sold in over 30 countries. In connection with the global launch of Apple videoblogery of phonaArena decided to compare the new in performance with the flagship phone Samsung.

Testing Samsung Galaxy S5, conducted by experts Anandtech, showed that in a number of cross-platform benchmark that define graphics and processing power, the Korean device is inferior even iPhone 5s. What to say about the iPhone 6.
Journalists have set a goal to compare the performance of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 "in real life". They loaded the home screen smartphones same applications from the App Store and Google Play and took turns to run programs, so comparing performance gadgets.
Pre-memory iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 have been discharged all background applications. And for the sake of the purity of the experiment before testing the unit off, then simultaneously press the power button.
In the test application used Address Book, Gmail, Photos, Camera, Safari, Music, Dropbox, Twitter, Chrome, Facebook and Spotify. The result? In most cases, iPhone 6 opens the task faster than its competitor. And, as at the first start, and when recalling the pre-loaded software. Galaxy S5 ahead of the competition in the case of applications Facebook, Twitter, Chrome and Spotify.