Monday, September 29, 2014

Buyers of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 found a serious flaw in assembly

Last week, the Internet has experienced a wave of jokes related to the complaints of some users that the new iPhone 6 Plus is allegedly bent when wearing pants pocket. Among the authors of satirical posters and had to Samsung. Now, however, the South Korean manufacturer has got into a more serious situation with its recently announced planshetofonom Galaxy Note 4.

In South Korea, sales chief rival iPhone 6 Plus has already begun, and the first customers complained of a manufacturing defect of the device. In the web published images showing an excessively large gap between the display device and the frame - enough that it could put a business card or credit card. Defect not only spoils the appearance of the device, but also turned to the problems of aesthetic nature - the gap quickly clogged with dust and dirt.
It is unknown in any absolute or as a percentage, how much of the published copies have such unpleasant disadvantage. In any case, Samsung has to fix it and begin global sales unit without defect.