Thursday, October 2, 2014

Projection Wrist smart Watch Ritot collected on Indiegogo $ 1,4 million [video]

On-site Indiegogo successfully completed fundraising for the world's first "smart" projection watch Ritot. The creators of the gadget collected more than $ 1.4 million - nearly 300 times greater than the amount originally requested.

Campaign to raise funds for 'smart' bracelets started on July 7. Ritot somewhat similar watch, but the numbers are displayed on the outside of the palm of your hand in order to know the current time, or entering a smartphone notification enough to shake your hand or push a button. Display will turn off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery energy storage.
Owners gadget Ritot, made in the form of a bracelet, can choose the color display of 20 options. The developers emphasize that the projection is clearly visible in the dark, and in the daytime and in different lighting conditions.
Watches can be paired with a smartphone. In this case, the device will allow the project at hand information about incoming calls, weather, SMS, updates from Facebook and Twitter, to communicate to other applications.
Ritot is shaped aluminum bracelet, decorated with leather. Gadget provides several options for color schemes. Wear smart watch can on the left or right hand.
The developers say that the watch is able to function on one charge to a month of standby time or up to 150 hours in the projection mode. Splash-proof execution Ritot protects the electronics from damage due to contact with perspiration or water. Charging the internal battery is being wirelessly - via a separate dock.