Friday, September 26, 2014

Google allowed herself to remove applications from smartphones and tablets from Android-users

Google has made changes to the "Agreement on Google Play distributing software products". Under the new rules, the company has the right to remotely remove mobile applications with the smartphone and tablet users.

"If your product contains elements that can cause serious harm user devices or personal data, Google has the discretion to disable or remove the product from the device on which it was installed" - quoted Roem new rules Google.
Creators paid applications are required to provide support to users and respond to their requests within three days. If Google decides treatment urgent need to provide assistance for 24 hours. For failure to comply with this rule, applications can reduce the rating to return payments or exclude from Google Play.
Google also took off part of the obligations to inform the development of future changes in the agreement Google Play on the distribution of software products.
Google has changed the rules after the recent Google Play incident Secret Annex in Brazil.According to the court, Apple and Google obliged not only to remove the messenger of their stores App Store and Google Play, but also remotely wipe their smartphones with users.