Friday, September 26, 2014

Tim Cook and four top managers Apple sold shares of the company at $ 143 million

Apple CEO Tim Cook and four other senior executives sold their shares in the amount of $ 142.8 million. Transactions took place in the period prior to the launch of iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8.

Among those who took advantage of his right to sell the shares, in addition to Cook, entered CFO Luca Maestri, Senior Vice President of Operations Jeffrey Williams, General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Legal Affairs, Bruce Sewell and senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller notes Cnews.
Three of them - Jeffrey Williams, Bruce Sewell and Phil Schiller - sold the same number of shares, 348,846 shares, received from the sale of $ 35.2 million to $ 35.4 million. Tim Cook sold 348,425 shares of the company, having gained about $ 35.3 million in. He left 950.8 thousand. securities, which corresponds to a share in the company at a rate of less than 1%.Luca Maestri sold all of its available shares (16374) in the amount of $ 1.6 million.
All transactions were conducted in the period from 5 to 22 September, ie mainly to the release of new products (iOS 8 appeared on September 17, and the new iPhone came out on the 19th). The average selling price of one paper was $ 101.16.
On Thursday, Apple shares on the Nasdaq to 23.15 MSK (15.15 in New York) fell 3.4% to $ 98.29 per share, and the capitalization fell to $ 607.4 billion. Falling value of the securities is due to problems with the operating system iOS 8.0. 1 . On Wednesday evening, Apple announced a recall of updates due to user complaints on the work cell module and fingerprint Touch ID in the new smartphone iPhone 6.
In other news, which responded quotes - rumors of a low-strength body iPhone 6 Plus.According to reports in the network, if you put planshetofon into his trouser pocket and sit down, the phone allegedly bent. Apple issued a denial of information about the presence of a defect in the gadgets and even conducted a tour of the lab where the tested iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. On Friday, the securities played part of yesterday's fall.
The last time the top managers of Apple, including the General Director Tim Cook, Bruce Sewell and Phil Schiller, sold shares worth $ 86.45 million.