Thursday, September 25, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus has survived after falling from a height of 3500 meters [Video]

The guys from RatedRR, known for their passion weapons , we have already demonstrated extreme methods of destruction iPhone 6 Plus . Bloggers involved in a test of strength of electronic devices and, of course, could not get past the "apple" of new products.

Ability to go to extremes has led to the fact that at this time they decided to throw iPhone 6 Plus with a height of several thousand meters. Nearly 3.5 km of gravity. Survived if "phablet" after such a test?
As it turned out, iPhone 6 Plus remained intact, he was found in a field on the GPS-signals using Find my iPhone. The only cracked 5.5-inch display device, which, however, is not surprising.
Of course, it is unlikely the owners of the new iPhone would allow him to fall from such a height independently and freely, hence the doubts about the need for such experiments. Whatever it was, watch the videotape, made in a free fall, is very interesting.