Sunday, September 28, 2014

Manufacture of computers with pre-installed Windows 7 stops on October 31

Microsoft has officially announced that after 31 October this year, manufacturers will no longer be able to release new devices with pre-installed versions of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, or Ultimate. 
Производство компьютеров с предустановленной Windows 7 прекратится  31 октября

After that date hardware partners Microsoft, such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard, will be able to sell the remaining computers on these operating systems, but to order additional copies of the software for the old or new models no longer work. It should be noted that the manufacturers will be able to produce computers with pre-installed version of Windows 7 Professional, since relative to it Microsoft has not made any statement.
Cessation of sales of new computers for these versions of the operating system will not lead to a halt their support. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 7 and will be releasing updates to address security, until January 14, 2020.
If you still prefer Windows 7, you can still buy a new computer or laptop pre-loaded with a licensed copy of Windows 8.1 Pro and downgrade it to Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business.