Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sony employee spoke about the company's new projects in the field of augmented reality

Jun Rekimoto, deputy director of research in the laboratory of Augmented Reality Sony Computer Science Laboratories, spoke about the unknown project of the Japanese company, which is already in the near future may become available to the general public and used in a variety of fields: journalism, amusement parks, sporting events and even in the military industry. 
Сотрудник Sony рассказал о новых проектах компании в области дополненной реальности

According Rekimoto, Sony Computer Science Labs, in addition to a variety of cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles, working on special sensors for recording and sharing feelings of another person. In other words, Sony is on the verge of opening a method of transmitting tactile and sensory different from person to person.
At his post June Rekimoto mainly engaged in augmented reality. According to him, now in the laboratory involved in a number of projects for the transmission of information, including visual. So, in the future viewers of sports events, such as football, will be able to see everything that happens on behalf of their favorite team player. For the first time something like that described by William Gibson in his novel "Neuromancer", but until now the concept of the viewer - a direct participant in the events remained in the hands of science fiction. Now Rekimoto and his team are trying to make this a reality. Rekimoto outlined the main provisions of its development at the symposium, which was held in the United States this week. According to the scientist, there are prerequisites for expanding the concept and translating it into reality. The sudden acceleration of technology development and application of virtual and augmented reality now allow you to jump from games to more serious developments. So far, the Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus and Samsung Gear VR are largely gaming consoles, but even these devices can significantly alter the familiar actions like watching movies and chat with one another. Moreover, the laboratory developed a Sony headset called LiveSphere, which has six cameras and can shoot breathtaking panoramas around media device. Apart from use in sports where viewers get an entirely new point of view during a sports game, it can be used, for example, in medicine, to receive instructions on how to perform certain actions on a distant observer. Rekimoto also reported that Sony is working on the possibility of adding LiveSphere transfer of tactile sensations to another person by means of special sensitive drives that are attached to the fingertips carrier headset.
Сотрудник Sony рассказал о новых проектах компании в области дополненной реальности
Another interesting project called "Flying Head" is essentially a flying drone. Its management is carried out by means of human movement, who wears a special headset. The user receives the image from cameras mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles and adjusts the direction of flight of the movement of certain body parts. This can be useful both in sports, to observe what is happening on the field, and for carrying out rescue operations or intelligence in those parts of the world where the presence of man is dangerous.
Jun Rekimoto not call even the approximate date of manufacture of the first commercial models of the products described, however, in his opinion, the technology on which the company operates, may give rise to a huge industry that will forever change the perception of people.