Saturday, September 27, 2014

Police USA: Apple iPhone turned into an instrument of pedophile

This week, the FBI director James Komi said that Apple is very concerned about the steps , aimed at enhancing the privacy of users of mobile devices. In Cupertino, as you know, said they did not have the technical ability to transfer data iOS 8 users special services.

"I'm a big believer in the rule of law, but I also believe in the fact that no one in this country is above the law. My concern is that companies are selling is what allows people to be above the law" - said the Komi reporters in FBI headquarters in Washington.
Komi said that he understands the need for privacy, but, in his opinion, the government should have access to mobile devices in an emergency.
In the Chicago Police Department, in turn, have expressed concern that using the iPhone will be made indecent assault against children.
"Pedophiles are now opting for smartphones Apple, - said John Escalante, a senior detective of the Chicago Police Department. - The average pedophile now probably thinks I buy Single phone Apple".
"I like that we have to get a warrant independent judge to get the opportunity to study someone's closet or smartphone. The idea that someone can sell a wardrobe that can not be opened - even if it is a child abduction or court order - it does not make any sense to me, "- said the police.
Last week, Apple said it would not be able to pass the law enforcement bodies and special services confidential data users who have installed on their devices iOS 8. In a message posted on the company's website says that all of the devices that are installed a new Operating System, is automatically protected from The transfer of power stored in their information.