Monday, September 29, 2014

Sony closes the door to the virtual world of PlayStation Home

Gaming environment PlayStation Home was launched back in 2008 to bring together gamers who preferred the then new PlayStation 3 in a peculiar alternate reality. Initially, the idea of ​​developers assumed simple communication players at the time when they will not be directly engaged in the gameplay, but in the end we got a whole social network. 
Sony закрывает двери в виртуальный мир PlayStation Home

After the redesign and countless updates PlayStation Home significantly transformed and became closer than ever to the idea that the creators sought to implement the platform. But everything comes to an end, and if you wanted to get the PS Home on their brand new PlayStation 4, we hasten to disappoint you - Japanese IT-giant announced the imminent closure of the virtual world.
Sony representatives reported that since 2008, tens of millions of users have made an undeniable contribution to the development of the platform, which eventually turned PlayStation Home is now a community of enthusiasts and creative gamers. However, due to changes in the direction of the development strategy of PlayStation, starting from November 12, the company will cease to issue regular updates to PS Home.
As the developers say, those who are really constantly uses this virtual world, in fact it was not so much in relation to the total number of users PlayStation 3. Most players come in PlayStation Home once or twice in all the time use the console. Involvement of the same gamers "force" was never in the plans of Sony. In recognition of all the users who do not care about the platform, the company has produced an opportunity for European gamers to download and use the content in PlayStation Home until December 3rd. In addition, Sony is planning to open access to the owners of the PlayStation 3 to some previously inaccessible features of the platform.
The final closing of the support services PlayStation Home is scheduled for March 31, 2015.