Thursday, October 2, 2014

American student launches Android L on iPhone 5s [video]

In June this year, Google released a new version of the mobile operating system Android L for developers. Full release Android L in October, but the iPhone users have the opportunity now to assess the platform, and not buying a mobile partners from Google.

Student at the University of Michigan, Mike Huang launched on iPhone 5s a test version of the new mobile platform - Android L Developer Preview. For this purpose, he used an emulator that allows you to get acquainted with all the know-how and innovations from Google. As such, no different smoothness, despite the 64-bit processor A7 smartphone Apple. This is because the Android operating directly on the device. Huang did not tell all the details, saying only that the system files are loaded on the smartphone from a remote server.
The emulator will allow students to work with the Android L. According to him, taking advantage of technology , the owners of "apple" phones can evaluate all the features of the new system and its functions. "If you like it, you can continue to buy" google phone "to enjoy all the features of Android L in native mode," - said Huang.