Thursday, October 2, 2014

Due to a bug in iOS 8 reset settings will erased files from iCloud Drive

In IOS 8 users found a bug related to the work function to reset the operating system. Together with the removal of all the settings from the iPhone and iPad disappear as files stored in the cloud service iCloud Drive.

About the strange behavior of iOS 8 first reported by a forum user MacRumors. When he tried to use the "Reset All Settings" under Settings -> General -> Reset, then was surprised to find that the missing files in the cloud iCloud. In particular, he has lost all the documents in iWork.As described options it merely resets while maintaining information and media files.
"For some reason, reset in iOS 8 leads to the removal of documents in iWork. - Said a user forum. - If you use an office suite Apple, you are not recommended to reset the settings on the iPhone and iPad, otherwise you will lose all of their documents. "
Independent tests have confirmed the existence of such a scenario error - after resetting iPhone with iOS 8 and activating iCloud Drive all iWork documents disappear first from the cloud service iCloud, and then from a Mac with an installed OS X Yosemite.

Cloud Drive service has replaced the "Documents and Data iCloud" and works on the same principle as Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive and others. After the initial synchronization, it opens up access to content from computers and mobile devices and transparently synchronizes content between them. iCloud Drive lets you store in the cloud any files - documents, videos, photos, etc.
Currently, direct access to iCloud Drive users have Windows. In mid-September, Apple released an updated iCloud Control Panel for the PC. For Mac owners access to the service is still limited - you can only open files through the site Use the service from the Finder will be available in the operating system OS X Yosemite, which will be released in October this year.