Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dutch to alter his trouser pockets, not to bend the iPhone 6 Plus [video]

Users on the network continue to play up the theme of excessive flexibility Smartphones iPhone 6 Plus. The unit is larger, thinner, he's got a lot of improvements and useful features. However, some users claim that bends gadget in your pocket jeans with a long wearing.

Dutch marketers have made a video with the fashion designer who is right on the street, "solve problems" yet Apple Store. Buyers iPhone 6 Plus in Amsterdam offered to alter his trouser pocket, which often was fablet. Thus, for the iPhone 6 Plus invented «Pocket Plus» (pocket plus). It phone can longer resist any deformation.
Tailor worked day and night in order to "make life easier" iPhone owners 6 Plus. And of course, people's reaction was not long in coming.

Apple itself refutes rumors "bendability" iPhone 6 Plus. New smartphones have been thoroughly tested: 15 000 units of each model kupertintsy experienced in many different ways.In one test verifies whether the smartphone stand, located in the back pocket, the weight of its owner.
According to leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, iPhone 6 Plus is enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing that is in a strong push to bend quite real, and this property is inherent in aluminum and other brands of phones. He believes that the subject continue to boost because of too much attention to the new iPhone.