Thursday, October 2, 2014

In the United States judge Pakistani for the sale of "spy" application for iOS and Android

Power of the American state of Virginia presented a 31-year-old Pakistani Hammad Akbar formally charged with the sale of software that allows unauthorized access to someone else's cell phone. As noted in the court documents, the case was the first in the history of the United States litigation of this kind.

Akbar is the head of InvoCode, based in the Pakistani city of Lahore (north-eastern province of Punjab). He was arrested in Los Angeles last week. According to the United States authorities, Akbar over four years to promote and sell the application StealthGenie, ITAR-TASS reported.
This program was allegedly being installed on someone else's phone, allows you to get to him unauthorized access, in particular, to secretly listen to the ongoing conversation on this unit, read correspondence, view photos and records in an electronic calendar. StealthGenie application can be installed on the iPhone, Blackberry phones and smartphones running Android.
It was assumed that people who have acquired StealthGenie, had to install the program on someone else's cell phone on their own to follow him. To do this, they had to take possession of the device for a few minutes. Smartphones Apple shall have been previously subjected to a process of jailbreak. After that, the user can view other people's data from any computer with Internet access.
According to the authorities of the United States, about 65% of customers StealthGenie were people who suspected their husbands of infidelity.