Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mass production of Apple Watch starts in January 2015

One of the main contractors Apple, the company Quanta Computer, will start production of watches Apple Watch early next year. This should be the message of the Chinese newspaper Apple Daily, which refers to a source close to the production chain of the American company.

Start of production of components Apple Watch scheduled for January of this year. Scope of supply is not yet known, but it is noted that Quanta Computer has already actively preparing for production of Apple Watch, which is expressed, including, in the recruitment of new workers. It is noted that Apple has taken on too complex project, which is very difficult to implement, as it requires to reconcile component base, design, production and integration between hardware and software. However, the clock in any case will be a best seller, because the benefits of design and their business model will not be able to repeat, perhaps no one.
Under the agreement, Apple and Quanta Computer, a contract manufacturer has no right to engage in the assembly of products that will compete with Apple Watch. It may well be that such a contract clause proved unacceptable to the second credible supplier Inventec, with the result that all orders passed by Quanta Computer.
According to reports, during the 2015 LG Display should monthly supply for Apple Watch estimated five million screens. Thus, during 2015 the Cupertino-based company expects to realize at least 50-60 million hours. It is curious that Apple, seems to have decided not to use their handheld device displays Samsung. Although we can not exclude the likelihood that LG Display is only one of several suppliers of screens.
Reportedly, the model Apple Watch the size of 38 mm is equipped with a screen diagonal of 1.3 inches 240 x 320 pixels (299 ppi), and the overall model was more screen diagonal of 1.5 inches of the same resolution (261 ppi). Both models feature flexible screens, made on technology AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode). Protection of the matrix provides a strong sapphire crystal, which is a company supplier GT Advanced Technologies.
According to analysts' estimates, the screen assembly, with all the elements for Apple Watch a 42 mm worth $ 27.41. In this case, the cost of the display is $ 7.86, but the touchpad with sapphire glass costs $ 19.55. It is known that the clock has a 4 and 8 GB of internal memory and 512 MB of RAM.
According to the source, Apple Watch will go on sale in February of this year. On Tuesday, Apple demonstrated a "smart" watch in the Parisian multibrand boutique Colette as part of Fashion Week.