Thursday, March 12, 2015

The story of Spaniard new MacBook single-port USB-C became a hit the Internet [video]

After the presentation of new models of MacBook with Retina display and single-port USB-C videobloger Armando Ferreira released comic translation has become a meme interview with Spain's El Risitas. For one day YouTube video gathered about 800 000 views.

In the "apple" version of an interview with the Spaniard plays the role of an engineer Apple, which tells the story of how he demonstrated a prototype MacBook Apple CEO Tim Cook, said Meduza . Chief designer Jonathan Ive company, said in an interview with the comic, I forgot to add in the prototype additional USB-ports. However, the idea of ​​expensive MacBook without the usual connectors and mobile processor like Cook. "Steve Jobs would fire all of us" - said "engineer Apple".
In the original, the same Gull talks about his first working day at a seaside restaurant in Chipiona. Man recommended to leave two dozen dirty pans at night in the sea to the sand cleaned them, but in the end because of the tide, he lost almost all the dishes and went back to the chef with a single pan. Headed gull sent for pans to Seville, he was gone - and never returned.

At the presentation of March 9 Apple called the cost and date of start of sales of Apple Watch. In addition, it was represented by 12-inch MacBook display Retina, new keyboard and trackpad, and only one port USB-C. This port can charge laptop and connect it to the additional devices (from memory card to an external monitor). In order to use several facilities of the Port will have to get an adapter .