Monday, April 6, 2015

20 developers test applications for Apple Watch in top secrecy mode

About 20 third-party applications for Apple Watch on a daily basis to visit the laboratory of Apple in Sunnyvale (CA), reports Financial Times. Software testing is conducted under strict secrecy.

According to the newspaper, Apple itself has chosen developers. Specialists have a number of large companies have an exclusive opportunity to spend time at the headquarters of the giant apple and test mode secrecy started for the first wearable Apple computer program.Every developer has signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Carry the source code developed software in rooms where testing is permitted only on hard disks, which then remain there and, as make anything from the secret area is strictly prohibited. Internet access in laboratories locked. Developers need to stick the camera on their smartphones, and before leaving the laboratory examination is conducted.Unprecedented security measures are taken in order to eliminate the possibility of information leakage.
Developers who are not invited to the headquarters of Apple, has to work with virtual emulator Apple Watch. For this reason, it is difficult to accept interface solutions. They do not know exactly how the device, most of them have never seen a watch live, and none of the programmers can not predict what will be used wearable computer and what applications it can become popular.
The developers, among other things, there is no way to find out how their applications will look on the watches - you have to use a variety of digital models, which does not exactly convey the appearance of Apple Watch them running application.
Recall selling Apple Watch will begin on April 24, two weeks before that, from April 10, Apple will begin taking pre-orders. In Cupertino make a big bet on the gadget with the expectation that the demand for it will not be less than the first iPad at the time of its release. Apple did not bother even the fact that the device will be one of the most expensive in its segment - at the most affordable modification it will cost $ 349, and a top price of $ 17,000.