Sunday, April 19, 2015

6 useful applications for OS X, which temporarily became free

Viewing software Mac App Store has hundreds of thousands of items, most of which is distributed on a commercial basis. PC owners can optionally use illegal torrent downloading any software on your computer. For users of OS X number of such proposals is much smaller, in addition, many people prefer to follow the letter of the law, establishing programs from official sources.

In fact, to create a collection on your Mac applications available for free and legal. iPhoneBul offers a selection of programs that are for a limited time discount will be valid. In this mini-review of the six utilities, available for download right now.

PDF to Word Super ($ 6,99 - free)

With PDF to Word Super any PDF document can be converted to text DOC-format. Just a couple of movements, and a new file in your possession. Data in the program are converted locally - without an Internet connection or use the scanner. Immediately after the addition of a new file PDF to Word Super ask you to specify a folder to save. Then you can convert any PDF-documents into text files. Supports batch conversion.

Keycard ($ 6,99 - free)

Sometimes you need to quickly lock your Mac. It should absent himself for a short while, and turn off or "put to sleep" the computer does not want to. There are several ways to easily lock the operating system OS X: use the shortcut, the active screen corner. In this case, it is necessary to continue to enter each time the account password. Decision of Appuous eliminates these difficulties. Keycard locks and unlocks the computer, depending on how far away is your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Access to the car locked, with the phone when the user moves away from the Mac and is automatically unlocked when approaching him.

FinalTouch ($ 8,99 - free)

A small but handy application FinalTouch allows "on the fly" to reduce the sensitivity and speed of the computer mouse cursor. The program is useful for users who work with graphics: illustrators, photographers, designers. In FinalTouch can configure hotkeys to change the sensitivity of the cursor. The utility supports the trackpad and mouse-type manipulators.

Troga ($ 0,99 - free)

Translator Troga is convenient, indispensable and useful solution for many users. According to the developers, it makes it easy to overcome language barriers. Translate "one-click" can be any sentence or phrase for more than 20 language pairs.

Recorder Pro ($ 9,99 - free)

Of course, each of us at least once in his life faced with a situation where you need to burn any of the information, and pen and paper at hand is not. Modern gadgets have long been able to solve this problem. Application-recorder Recorder Pro allows you to create audio notes, record telephone calls, set the timer recording and save the resulting file as MP3 or AAC. The program has a user-friendly interface: all the main buttons, such as start and pause recording, displayed on the main screen, so there are no problems with the recorder.

App for Gmail ($ 0,99 - free)

The main advantage of e-mail client App for Gmail are minimalist interface and ease of processing incoming mail. After the installation program displays an icon in the top menu bar and through it happens all the interaction with the mail Gmail. Without leaving the pop-up window, you can manage all the standard features: read the letter, delete, move, respond to messages are flagged, and more.