Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review of Halo: Spartan Strike - View from the Top

Feast on the street Halo-lovers: on iOS suffered just two top-down shooter this universe: Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike . First you about something could hear - it went a long time, time to shine on the consoles get (deservedly) on the cap, and now Welcome to the "apple" of the region. About the second you hardly know, its release was held recently, and iOS - in the list of platforms that got the game. Since both games are almost identical, and chronologically Spartan Strike immediately follows the Spartan Assault, will talk about the Spartan Strike - with a certain degree of reservations text can be extrapolated to the predecessor.

Halo: Spartan Strike - what is now called "spin-off": an offshoot of the classic, familiar series of games. Here, top view (rather than the usual shuterny), short mission and almost no plot. The latter can play havoc with our readers - Halo traditionally know little; visual style off-putting. In Halo: Spartan Strike explain anything further will not be - at once thrown into the abyss of war, of which any even slightly familiar with the mythology Halo knows everything. The rest will clap eyes: what Membisa what covenants, which the Spartans, what is going on? Replies will not give - and if you've never played Halo, consider this: it will be difficult.
On the one hand, it is insulting - in Halo really incredible universe where fan scattered biblical quotations, and in some places almost cooked whole chunks of the New Testament. The nearest landmark - Mass Effect, and even that will probably be the poorer. It's a shame that once again this loud around the world, but quiet in Russian history pass by. On the other - strange to expect from a mobile game some locomotive movements with the audience - made, first of all, for the fans. So we assume that the adventures of Master Chief, you all know better than we do - well, or are willing to accept the fact that not understand anything.
Because in Halo: Spartan Strike fun to just play - without burdened behind backgrounds.You, as already mentioned, throw a new Membisu. The war with the Covenant of people - it's an alien alliance of creatures who have disagreements with people religious. You play as one of the Spartans - genetically-modified human: something like the local special forces. The game itself - a cross between the classic Halo and Crimsonland. From his elder brother is a huge variety of weapons, equipment, two types of grenades, and several varieties of shields. On the same Crimsonland game unites Zadran camera, small cards and permanent stream of opponents.
It turns out interesting - one button you water the queue, two meta tapami grenade and almost nose - at the last moment you activate a shield. The tempo is very tight, so a break and do not expect: developers love lock Cpartantsa middle of a small field, and pull it all the dogs - who with blasters and rifles. We have to spin like a top and hide behind cover.
Since the cards are small, from the transport of little - known buggy is used here rather quickly in order to get from point A to point B. Alien Ghost can be captured, but it's better just to blow - a little sense of it, and lit alienovskaya thing effectively. Tactics, which was tightly sewn into the original Halo, here, of course, no - most children revelry, intoxication and aggression, fun mess. In its own right and true - after all tablet: not the best place for highbrow games.
If it is absolutely easy to missions can complicate the task - to activate the skull, which deprive you of a number of privileges. For it is not only a powerful increase to conceit, but significant cash bonus. Earned money go to buy weapons-launch: allowed, of course, play and credit default machine, but what in this fun.
Worth Halo: Spartan Strike $ 5.99. Well, but this is a case where the money kicking - you'll get an excellent, beautiful and published a major publisher of the game, where we observe no micropayments.