Thursday, April 23, 2015

8 Reasons Why swiss watches Better than Apple Watch

Apple products are known throughout the world. For many millions of people the iPhone and Mac - out of competition. Recently, Apple launched the offensive also on the "watch" front. It would seem that Swiss watch manufacturers should start to get nervous. Observers Swiss thematic portal Business Swiss named 8 reasons why watch from Switzerland better Apple Watch.

iPhoneBul offers a look at the opinion of professionals, contrasted smart watches Swiss Apple products.

8. Chargers Apple Watch last only for one day

Apple is constantly criticized for the fact that the active use iPhone to be charged almost every day. The situation is similar with Apple Watch, which battery lasts for 18 hours.Moreover, the very annoying charging time, during which the use of Apple Watch complicated. Mechanical Swiss watches, in contrast, can run almost forever. Suffice it to them from time to time establish.

7. Apple Watch - this is not serious

Do you really want to make the time you showed Mickey Mouse? Then Apple Watch - at the time. Person taken seriously if he's holding a Swiss watch. Moreover, in some areas of business, a genuine accessory for measuring time from Switzerland is the entry ticket. Also, Swiss watches are suitable for any style of clothing.

6. Apple Watch requires an iPhone

To have all the features, Apple Watch demands to close was iPhone. In addition to feeling that that Apple imposes like to buy two devices, causing extreme discomfort just need to have a working iPhone. And what if he is dead battery?
Swiss watches have always been self-sufficient. They are like a separate world, hidden in a luxury building, always with all the functionality at your fingertips ... or rather on hand - no matter where you are: at the top of the mountain for a walk in the park or underwater diving.

5. Apple Watch afraid of water

Apple Watch, protected by standard IPX7, resistant to moisture. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, you can take with you into the shower. However, resistance to spray water does not necessarily mean that the device is securely protected against the ingress of moisture. Swiss watches are not only completely waterproof, but also - depending on the model - can dive up to 100 meters.

4. Apple Watch only one design

Why can not I create a museum of Apple Watch? That's right, because the exhibit will be the same. Apple does not spoil its customers a variety of designs. Swiss watches - an entirely different matter. Manufacturers each time trying to achieve perfection and originality. Some models can and do without exaggeration be considered a works of art.

3. Apple Watch you do not stand out from the gray mass

Everywhere - at work, with friends, even your family - so many iPhone. Do you think it will be a different way with Apple Watch? Of course, the dominance of technology from Apple is not a disaster. However, when you put your Apple Watch on the table, where are his brothers, try to somehow personalize it, to avoid confusion.
Wearing a Swiss watch, a person can be sure that will not see every second counter. Of course, the collection of Swiss watches produced batches, which can total tens of thousands of copies. However, even in such a case likely to see on someone such as a Swiss watch, is very small compared with clones Apple Watch, that would sweep the planet. And if Swiss watches are quite expensive, the number of copies is usually even less.

2. Apple Watch - momentary toy

It is true that the usual model of Apple Watch cheaper Swiss watches. However, the price and value - this is not the same thing. Something that is easily bought, not usually imprinted in the memory.
Swiss watches are always exclusive. They - a great birthday gift (eg, age) or anniversary. For many, Swiss watches are associated with any significant event in the life. Famous Swiss family, whose head can tell the story of the family on his watch, watches spouses and children.

1. Apple Watch obsolete in a year

Apple Watch destined to repeat the fate of iPhone: every year or two, Apple releases a new version, and the one person uses at the moment, it becomes obsolete. And to stay in the trend and not get hit by a barrage of condemnation from friends and acquaintances (and they certainly take the opportunity to point out the outdated model of Apple Watch - especially if they have new), a person will have to buy the new version. At the same time, history will repeat itself again and again. Each new series of Apple forced to go to the store.
Swiss watches are not obsolete. Some of them eventually become rare and can even be transferred by inheritance descendants. Swiss watches, collected 300 years ago, are still operating and is now on the sale at auction can bring its owner a round sum of money.