Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apple announced the winners of the lottery tickets at WWDC 2015

Apple sends a notification to the winners of the lottery tickets at a conference WWDC 2015. Tickets cost $ 1,600 this year be distributed among the activities at random.

This week, Apple announced that this year's conference WWDC will be held June 8-12 in the exhibition complex "Moscone West", San Francisco. You can get to the conference on the basis of a lottery. To do this, you must apply for registration, after which the Californian giant randomly selects those who are allowed to purchase a ticket to the event. Apple sent the appropriate notification to the e-mail addresses developers. Those who could not get to the conference will be able to watch it via webcast.
Earlier registration at WWDC was carried out in sequence, but tickets are dispersed in a few minutes, and the application process could pretty tickle nerves. The new rules also gave all potential participants equal rights and opportunities.
WWDC 2015 five-day program will allow developers to learn about the future of iOS and OS X, the new tools and technologies. The conference will take place on more than 100 technical seminars with the participation of more than 1,000 engineers, Apple, held workshops to assist developers in implementing new technologies and improvements of its own applications, and will be awarded the prize Apple Design Awards, which nominated the most outstanding applications last year.
What is interesting, Apple WWDC 2015 prohibits participants from making audio or video recording events bring professional photographic and video equipment, tripods and even sticks for selfie , as the latter interfere with others.
At WWDC, talk about the latest features found in newer versions of iOS and OS X, so that developers can make full use of them in their applications. On the first day of the conference presentation is expected to iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. By debut appointed and streaming music service created on the basis of the acquired service Beats. It is likely, Apple almost immediately issued a public beta version of the new "operatsionok." The release of the final version in the fall.