Saturday, April 18, 2015

Three main problems of flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

Users online forums leave complaints on new smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge , reports Cnews. The main problems relate to problems with the screen orientation, brightness, and rapid discharge of the battery.

According to the owners of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, for devices not working auto-rotate and quickly discharges the battery in standby mode. In addition, properly functioning auto brightness.
"I turned on automatic screen orientation. But when viewing photos, web sites and in most applications, the screen does not rotate when I possess smartphone horizontally. Horizontal orientation is switched on only when viewing a YouTube video to full screen. But after watching the orientation does not change. I put all the updates, more than ten times to reboot or turn Avtoorientatsiya ... any ideas?" - Complained to the owner of the S6 Edge on an Internet forum.
"I have the same problem. Got a smartphone today. Is the only solution - change the copy?" - Asked at the same online forum Ronnie Selnes.
Similar complaints on an Internet forum Android Central. "I received yesterday S6 edge.Everything is great except for the automatic screen orientation - it does not work" - wrote face_of_goat« confirmed. Auto Orientation enabled. In any application screen does not rotate" - said PRidd. User face_of_goat added that Samsung tech support, he was offered to do a return device.
As for the battery, users complain that the charge is consumed even when they do not use a smartphone.
"My Galaxy S6 discharged, even if I do not touch it" - said on an Internet forum Android Central user with the nickname robinhelenehebert. "The battery life is terrible. Enjoyed a smartphone and a half hours. And after 6-7 hours of battery died "- complained dwd3885.
Some users recommend to turn off technology VoLTE, if their operators - AT&T. However, others argue in response that VoLTE network does not support them, and find this function in phone settings, they can not.
According to some users, the problem with fast discharge battery is not connected to the smartphone, and with the service provider, as a large amount of the charge goes to standby radio.
A relatively large number of complaints concerning the automatic brightness adjustment. In particular, users have reported the inability to disable this feature. "When I'm on the street or in a room with the lights on, the screen brightness is maximized. If I move into a dark room, it is reduced. Moreover, the automatic adjustment of brightness I disabled" - said Todd Bardfeld on an Internet forum Android Central.
"I just walked into a dark bedroom, and my S6 edge muted screen. But I have exhibited maximum brightness without Brightness. Why is this happening?" - Asks 305rob305. Another problem is that at low brightness white color becomes pale yellow complain owners.