Monday, April 6, 2015

Apple can not start selling watches in Switzerland because of the word "apple"

At the end of last week, it was reported that Apple can not start selling "smart" watches Apple Watch in Switzerland. Today it became known the legal justification of the ban.

According to Reuters, 30 years ago a company called Leonard Timepieces received the exclusive right to use the word "apple" (apple) in the jewelry market segment in which the fall and watch. According to the patent of 1985, resulting watch brand, no company can sell Swiss timepieces with their picture posted on the apple or an appropriate inscription.
The ban ends December 5, 2015 - after more than seven months after the official start of sales of Apple Watch. This means that Apple will have to produce in Switzerland or a special version of the gadget without a brand image bitten apple, or wait for December 2015.
"Smart" Apple Watch watches will go on sale April 24 in eight countries of the "first wave". Switzerland has traditionally included in this list, this time it is not. According to experts, Apple is likely to postpone the sale of electronic bracelet in the country until December.
Cupertino-based company is faced with similar problems is not the first time. In 2007, the trademark iPhone in the US owned Cisco, but the company has managed to find a common language, and in February 2010, the rights to the brand moved Apple. In July 2012 California giant had to pay $ 60 million Chinese company Proview, so that she has allowed her to use the local market name of the iPad.