Monday, April 6, 2015

Impressive photos of the new headquarters of Apple bird's-eye view

Two years after the death of Steve Jobs authorities Cupertino (California, USA) gave a "green light" to the construction of the last offspring of the founder of Apple - headquarters in the form of "flying saucer".

Future Apple campus in the media was referred to as "the spacecraft landed in the steppes of Cupertino". The main building will be constructed in the form of a flying saucer - no angle on the facade. The architect of the project is the famous Norman Foster. Area of ​​the future campus will be 260 sq. M. m.
At the moment, the construction of Apple Campus 2 is in full swing. Recently, the web there are more beautiful views of the building. Expressive pictures Michael Light from California Sunday looks impressive - more expressive ones ever seen before.
The first visualization of the project leaked to the press back in 2011. Round office Apple will be something to remind many shops corporations are designed in Spartan style of minimalism. According to the company, the new campus will reflect the values ​​of "apple" brand: innovation, ease of use and beauty.
In addition to working offices on campus is allocated for cafeterias and gyms. Built on a plot of another round building, but more modest size. It will be a building for student teachers, the group which Apple intends to invite to training every month. In this round glass building that serves as the press pavilion - only a part of the student "iceberg" Apple, from it we can get into the underground halls, laboratories and rooms for "brainstorming".