Monday, April 20, 2015

Expert: users will buy Apple Watch at any price

Advance orders of the "smart" watch from Apple was two weeks 3 million units, according to a press release from the research organization Think Big Analytics.

Pre-order the "apple" gadget was launched on April 10. By April 24 buyers will order about 3 million Apple Watch. Of these, 1.8 million will come from the model Apple Watch Sport, 1,2 million - in the classic version of Apple Watch and 40 000 - on expensive modification Apple Watch Edition. Sales of Apple smart watches will bring more than $ 2 billion. Analysts called smart watch most profitable product of the company from Cupertino.
"Electronic filling in the most expensive and the cheapest models of Apple Watch is the same and is relatively little. The cost price of gold case and straps design is insignificant compared with the margin that established Apple. The manufacturer does not feel pressure from competitors in this segment of the market, so I see no need for Apple to lower prices. At any cost gadgets competitors, consumers will buy Apple Watch".
Estimated another research company, Slice Intelligence, Apple Watch sales even higher. Analysts say that in just one day 957,000 people in the US have ordered Apple Watch. On average, the buyer had to 1.3 hours, and each customer spending at $ 503.83.
The study showed that 72% of buyers are already users of technology from Apple, of which 21% is already pre-order made out to the latest model of iPhone 6.
Previously, Apple executives reported that introduces a policy of pre-orders through its website or in a store to avoid hours of queuing in front of shops on the first day of sales.