Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple Watch loaded in 60 seconds [video]

Internet user with the nickname Enyouns conducted an experiment. He went with a stopwatch in the Apple Store and timed the boot bench Apple Watch. The result surprised enthusiast.

It turned out that Apple Watch fairly slow in regard to the speed run. Watches downloading takes about 60 seconds. For comparison iPhone 5s loaded in 23 seconds, iPhone 6 - for 29 seconds, iPhone 2G - in 31 seconds. The most sluggish smartphone iPhone 3G boasts result 48 seconds.
At baseline mobile device occurs testing and initialization of all components: memory, chipset, wireless modules. Why is the slowness Apple Watch, one can only guess. Chip S1, in which the device works, bringing the performance to the mobile processor A5. It can be found in the latest generation player iPod touch, smartphone iPhone 4s and iPad 2. These models are loaded on average twice as fast.
Note that due to the huge interest in Apple Watch company is currently taking orders online only. It is unknown when the gadget will hit stores, but Apple's assume it will not happen until June this year.