Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apple Watch ready for shipment to first customers

Apple began shipping Smart watches Apple Watch in anticipation of the start of the supply unit buyers, reports MacRumors. Party on the wrist wearable gadgets sent to a centralized distribution point in the "first wave".

"Last year, the online Apple Store status of pre-orders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is changed from" In process "to" ready to ship "for five days before delivery. Therefore, buyers who were among the first left pre-orders for Apple Watch, should soon see a change in status. Although due to limited supplies of the product and a great delivery time (24.04 - 08.05), not all users can change the position".
Buyers, however, have not yet noticed the change in the status of the order. Although Apple has already started to write off payments with bank cards buyers Apple Watch.
The company started accepting pre-orders for its "smart" watch in 9 countries around the world on April 10. Although no official statistics are projected Slice Intelligence, for the first day managed to sell 957,000 units.
On average, one customer had 1.3 hours, and the average price per one unit was $ 503.83.The majority of buyers - 62% - chose the most affordable kind of watches, Apple Watch Sport. With 71% of purchases accounted for a larger device (42 mm).
According to observers, the first day of indicators suggest that Apple Watch attracted interest from consumers. According to some estimates, in the current fiscal year ends at Apple in September, they will bring the company up to $ 7 billion in revenue.