Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Presented the world's first marble Case for iPhone

Manufacturers offer a variety of options for processing cases for the iPhone, but, as a rule, it is plastic or metal accessories. Native Union Company presented a unique version made of marble. Novelty called CLIC Marble.

CLIC Marble - is not just a piece of rock in which you want to put your mobile device. According to the manufacturer, the company has a half years developing technology that allows you to create cover the walls, the thickness of which does not exceed 0.8 mm.
Marble glass reinforced, so that the accessory has flexibility and reserve thus resistant to damage. If you drop a marble case with the iPhone on a hard surface, it will not break up into small pieces. Material for CLIC Marble is a white Italian marble.
Currently, Native Union taking pre-orders on the accessory in white and black. Case will go on sale on 25 May. The cost of the original model is 80 dollars.