Saturday, April 18, 2015

Banished from Apple chief iOS Scott Forstall developer engaged in Broadway musicals

Former executive Scott Forstall Apple, is responsible for developing iOS, puts Broadway musical. On this he wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

Until recently Forstalle of little was known. On the eve of your account ex-Apple employee was reported as follows: "I am very pleased to be co-produced the Broadway musical Fun Home Beginning this Sunday. Bravo phenomenal team! ".
Forstall at Apple held the position of vice president of development of the operating system iOS, used in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. He was considered one of the possible successors to Steve Jobs.
In October 2012, as part of changes in the management of Apple Forstall was fired. The CEO, who took the decision to dismiss, the cause is not reported. But, according to sources, it was the fact that Forstall released substandard application "Maps" for which Cook had to apologize.
Maps debuted in iOS 6, the development of which was led by Forstall, and caused a lot of complaints as to the reliability of the content and functionality. Published on the Apple website a letter of apology signed by Tim Cook, Director General of the corporation.
It is known that in the early 2014 Forstall became a consultant messenger Snapchat . For his work, he received compensation in the form of 50,000 shares of the company, which corresponded to 0.11% of its share capital. In monetary terms, this amounts to about $ 16.5 million, based on a preliminary assessment of the market value of Snapchat.