Friday, April 24, 2015

Began international sales Apple Watch, some models are delivered only in June [photo]

As expected, on April 24, in the "first wave" started international sales of new smart watch Apple Watch. The first novelty residents got Australia, Hong Kong, China and Japan, followed by France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada.

Delivery time for a number of models in Australia varies from a few weeks to a few months - a number of models promise to bring customers only in June. It may be spoken of as a huge demand for gadgets and not of preparedness for the global release of Apple - insufficient number of issued watches.
As we learned from video message Apple's vice president Angela Ahrendts to its employees, the situation with the lack of devices bought the watch via the Internet will continue in May. So far, the correct answer to the question "can you have in the store to buy a watch?" Is "no". Accordingly, it can be assumed that in the open market Apple Watch appear not earlier than June.
In US Apple Watch value depending on the display size and the materials ranges from 349 to 17,000 dollars. The minimum price is set at the model Apple Watch Sport, the body of which is made of aluminum, and the strap - fluoroelastomer white, blue, green or pink flowers. Maximum - on Watch Edition, with shells made of 18-carat gold.
Apple Watch - do something completely new for Apple: no shops in kilometer-long queues of fans who are waiting to buy a watch. And this is not to mention the fact that the watch - the first device, invented and developed after the death of Steve Jobs. And judging by the hype, the company not only failed to create a new product without it, but also to extend to him the action of "magic Apple". And how well the watches will show themselves already "free floating", only time will tell.