Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chapter Swatch: Apple Watch - not a competitor for mechanical watch, it is rapidly becoming obsolete equipment

The head of the Swiss watch company Swatch Group Nick Hayek sees no rival in Apple Watch. According to him, "smart" watches are rapidly becoming obsolete products, while mechanical watches serve for decades and passed down from generation to generation.

Entering the market "smart" watches, which can not only tell the time, but also to connect with other electronic devices of its owner - a challenge for the watch companies. However, according to Hayek, which he shared from "Vedomosti ", it all quickly become obsolete consumer electronics.
"Smart Watches exist on the market for several years - Samsung, Sony and so on. D. True, I've never seen them on hand for anybody. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for our industry because reappears fashion wear something on his hand - especially in the US, where many have long watches are not. "Smart" watch you can not wear all the time: they need to be recharged, they are not waterproof - t. E. You will have to remove them and replace with something else. This is a good opportunity for the watch industry. Competitive product in the sector of smart hours I still do not see: it's all consumer electronics" - said the head of the Swatch Group.
In addition to his sleeve owners Swatch Group secreted ace - batteries new generation, initiated the development of which was made even Nick Hayek Sr., founder of the Swatch Group: their industrial production should start in a few years.
"It has been 16 months in the ranks of smartphone manufacturers commotion: they fear that Apple will release its "smart" watches, and their share in the smartphone market will decrease. They are afraid - do not watch manufacturers! And Apple has shown its "smart" watches, and no more panic among the consumer electronics companies, as they saw that there was no revolutionary Apple has not offered solutions: their watches need to be recharged every day" - added Hayek.
Swatch summer plans to release its own "smart" watches Swatch Touch Zero One, that support the iPhone and Android-powered devices. Following there will be new versions of Swatch Touch: Zero Two, Zero Three, Zero Four, targeted at different sports - surfing, skiing. And Watches Swatch Touch Zero Six will count how many calories the user burns during lovemaking.
Another model will be available in late summer - Swatch NFC. With the help of these watches can make payments. Outwardly, they will not differ from the normal watches of Swatch. There is no need for a battery, the system is inert. A chip clock user can configure itself to suit your needs. For example, the watches can be used as an electronic pass to enter the office.
"Now, "smart" watches can be equipped with all features, but you'll have to shoot them with his hands and recharge at best once a day. Plus, these watches are open to advertising. "Do you want to receive messages from each nearby pizzeria that they have a special offer for you?" - Said Hayek.