Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Disney showed a new way to manage iPhone using sound [video]

Disney Research Laboratory and the University of Carnegie - Mellon University developed a "acoustic instruments": acoustic attachment for the iPhone, can serve as buttons or other controls.

"Acoustic instruments" rely on the fact that the mobile device has built-in speaker and microphone.Created on the basis of a brass tube, "acoustic instruments" with the help of the program run on the iPhone sound through the speaker and record his microphone.
In the middle of the nozzle are acoustic-like in structure musical instruments that change the sound of a constant signal and thus control the device. He published a smartphone sound man is almost inaudible, he is in the ultrasonic range, says TJ .
The video demonstrates the different ways to use "acoustic instruments". They can be used as buttons, knobs or sliders, as well as intelligent "bumpers" for the iPhone, capable of pressing on and determine the circumference of the action: for example, taking a picture.
"acoustic instruments" does not require special connectors, cables, adapters or charging, so theoretically they can be used with any smartphone. For example, in the video shows the analog of the "points" virtual reality Google Cardboard with rubber buttons control smartphones.