Friday, April 17, 2015

Former chief iOS developer Scott Forstall became an adviser Snapchat

Former chief developer of iOS Scott Forstall after getting fired from Apple in October 2012 became a member of the project for the development of messenger Snapchat. According to the e-mail correspondence, obtained as a result of hacking hackers intranet Sony Pictures, the company he was appointed advisor.

According to reports, Forstall works Snapchat from January 2014. Representatives of the company in response to the question of the relationship with ex-Apple employee did not deny this information and said that the messenger is working with a number of advisers, but did not disclose the nature of the relationship with them. Given the previous merits top manager, management Snapchat gave him the option to 0.11%. Exercise their right to receive shares could Forstall after 24 months. In assessing Snapchat at $ 15 billion value of the share top manager would have reached $ 16.5 million.
The decision to fire Tim Cook Forstalla Scott, the former head of the unit for the development of iOS, once provoked a storm of debate on the Internet . Many saw the resignation Forstalla once even considered as a possible head of Apple, a serious loss of intellectual resources, and therefore, the impact on the development of mobile products.Others felt that the care of a man who in reality was a protégé of Steve Jobs - same inconsistent and erratic management style - will lead to better climate in the team of top managers of Apple and increase stability in the division of software development.
Cook did not specify the reasons for the resignation Forstalla, who worked for the company since 1997, only stating that the decision is part of a large-scale shifts in the manual in order to "better integration of manufactured equipment, software and service".
Experts attribute the dismissal of one of the first architects of the operating system Mac OS X and iOS chapter on development problems in the map service iOS 6. Users then reported numerous inaccuracies, errors, and other inconsistencies map data on the iPhone and iPad.It is known that Forstall refused to sign a letter of apology for the poor quality cards.