Friday, April 17, 2015

The second trailer for the new episode of "Star Wars" was released in iTunes [Video]

The second trailer for the seventh part of the fantastic saga "Star Wars" was published on the Internet. He appeared in the trailer online store iTunes, and then - on video sharing YouTube. Movie, probably intended to cause an attack of nostalgia among the fans of the franchise: At a certain point in the frame all the familiar characters appear.

Trailer caused enthusiastic reaction film fans on social networks. The greatest impression on the audience made a final two-minute videoanonsa, which appeared Han Solo (Harrison Ford aged hero) and his faithful companion Chewbacca (Chewie), known by 4-6 episodes kinovselennoy.
"(I told myself), I will not cry, I will not cry". Chewie, we're home. "And I was crying" - wrote the journalist Tonight Show Mike Drucker on the site of the popular TV show. "Guys!Returned all my childhood favorites. Khan! Chewbacca! Luke! My father, who went out for cigarettes in 1978" - a tweet left Dave Itskoff, Department of Culture of the newspaper New York Times.
Picture of "Star Wars. Episode VII: The Awakening forces" will be released in December 2015. The seventh part unfold 30 years after the events of the sixth. The game's story will be how the characters Luke Skywalker original trilogy, Princess Leia and Han Solo, and new heroes. Tape became director JJ Abrams, one of the creators of the series "Lost" and director of the latest films from kinovselennoy "Star Trek".
The company Disney, which owns the rights to "Star Wars" is taking unprecedented security measures to prevent leakage of information from the film sets of the film. She forbade any flights in the area filming, and also introduced the rule that all visitors have a film set to seal their smartphone camera opaque tape.