Monday, April 20, 2015

Google ahead of Apple Watch announced a major update to Android Wear with Wi-Fi support and new gestures

In anticipation of the start of sales of Apple Watch, Google announced a large software update Android Wear. It introduced support for Wi-Fi and operation applications Always On. The official blog of the company is a description of all the new features that includes an updated version of Android Wear.

Wi-Fi support allows you to use the clock to exit the global network at home when your smartphone is not around. However, the device still needs to be activated and connected to the Internet, although the smartphone and watch at the same time can be in different networks Wi-Fi. Rather, they communicate through a mobile Internet connection. Another disadvantage is the higher battery consumption when operating in Wi-Fi networks compared with Bluetooth.
The update also simplified access to the list of applications - now simply click on the time.Vertical scrolling lets you scroll through the list, and the horizontal - opens the contacts. Once again prolistnuv in the horizontal direction, the user gets access to the list of voice commands.
Now you can draw emoticons. The system will try to recognize them and to substitute the existing list, supported by hundreds of different emoticons. If the user is busy with his hands, he can scroll through the list of cards flick of the wrist. To scroll through the flow of news and notices, just enough to make a gesture - to turn the brush in a circular motion.
There was a regime Always On, which allows you to attach to the home screen a certain application, and when the time expires, the user sees it in black and white. The program will be displayed on the main screen for as long as is necessary, but not instantly disappear when lowering the arms.
According to Google, Android Wear update will be released in the coming weeks. His first owners get smart watches LG Watch Urbane.