Saturday, April 11, 2015

HTC smashed with baseball bat iPhone 6 [Video]

The US subsidiary of HTC released a promo video, in which the arms baseball star Robinson Cano destroyed flagship smartphone iPhone 6, LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Video published on the official YouTube-channel producer.

Baseball player shows a pair of stern firm strokes, spreading into splinters competitors Taiwanese smartphone. Gadgets in the mode of slow mo fly to pieces, and Kano accompanies them indifferent glance. Then he leaves the field and on the screen appear pretentious phrases:
"In order to compete at the top level, we need concentration and strength.
To succeed, you need precision.
This is a game with high stakes.
Sometimes you have to compromise".
"Let's play baseball" - concludes the video HTC.
As it turned out, Robinson Cano engaged in charity - with the help of the RC22 Foundation raises money for children in need. For each entry in the Twitter hashtag to #CanoCrush, HTC will donate $ 1 of the Kano.
Several help charity pictorial destruction iPhone 6 is anyone's guess.