Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pointless meetings and humiliation from bosses: former Apple employee told about the working conditions in the company

Former Apple employee made a critical report on the company, which, in his words, "goes against the core values ​​of founder Steve Jobs". Employees in the company "are entrenched dogmas hostage" and forced to work in a "poisonous atmosphere manipulation, intimidation and mean calculation".

Work at Apple for many is a pipe dream, but, as often happens, outsiders see only "wrapper" of a subject, began his story of ex-employee of Ben Farrell. He decided to share his experience in the management of the world's largest technology corporation. According to Onliner, in his blog, he wrote several significant disadvantages, to make it work at Apple intolerable.
Ferrell worked more than a year in the Sydney office of Apple and was responsible for the quality of service support. The main disadvantage of working in the Californian company Farrell believes the lack of effective career lift: to achieve success at Apple, it is necessary to use an error colleagues and walk over.
In addition, Farrell complains about the 16-hour working days, which leaves no time for personal life. Particular negative causes permanent meeting. Some of them, for example, carried out in order to prepare for the meeting, which will be after another meeting. Talk about respect for employees was not necessary, because the authorities constantly allowed themselves horseplay (including race) on the staff when they admitted an oversight in work.
Team spirit is not in Apple, according to a former employee of the company. As well as the human relation to concepts such as sick leave, family circumstances, and even a wedding.For example, when Farrell fell down the stairs and got to the hospital, he was called for a personal meeting with the leaders of where his account for missing work without a valid reason. According to Ben, most of the time he had to pay "mind games in iCult", instead of fulfilling its direct work.
The Australian division of Apple has not commented on the testimony of ex-employee.