Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Apple Watch discovered a hidden diagnostic socket [photo]

MacRumors edition told about the hidden interface connector at the Apple Smart Watch . It is expected that it will be used for the diagnosis device and connect additional accessories.

As the readers of the publication, during the session of fitting Apple Watch, he found a special pin port. A special six-connector is inside one of the grooves strap. Apparently, the connector is a modified version of the Lightning-connector on the iPhone and iPad, as the latter despite the presence of 8-pin uses only 6 of them.
The presence of a physical connection interface at Apple Watch wrote last month TechCrunch. Apple has not announced this connector. It is expected that with its help you install the operating system on the stage of watches production, so it is also in the final version of the gadget.
The presence of such a connector is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, this new interface Apple. Second, in theory, with the help of a wearable wrist on the product can be connected "smart" accessories. It may be straps with complex sensors, additional displays, external drives, or batteries.
However, this is only speculation. At the moment there is no confirmation from the source that Apple will allow access to this connector.
Meanwhile, buyers Apple Watch, making pre-order in the company's stores already offer to wait with delivery until June . Previously, Apple reported that sales of the Apple Store and the start of deliveries will begin on April 24th. The first batch of watches were sold for pre-order in just a few hours.
Previously, Apple executives reported that introduces a policy of pre-orders through the website or in a store to avoid the traditional queues in front of Apple Store on the first day of sales.