Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mortal Kombat X - Fatality

Thundered on consoles new version of Mortal Kombat X - evaluation has struck the upper ceiling; box-office success is still unknown, but obviously would stunning. The game reached for all platforms, including our own with you. And at a time when the whole world rejoices new, almost perfectly Fighting, mobile gamers are a little overboard - they are given a secondary version of Injustice. For no less, and, the console version of money.

Well, you saw it - first in Injustice, then a slightly schizophrenic game pro wrestler-sorcerers.The formula is the same - something like a fighting game, but not fighting. Three men in a cage; each has its own techniques and methods of fighting. Fights, however, no - you simply click on the screen: character grinds combo. Two-three-four times - a series of attacks ends imperative "swipe left": you spend, and fighter finishes off his foot.
What else? Well, you can put a block, and pour out the fury of special moves. Last - the key to success: a primitive is included mini-game where the better you show itself, the higher the percentage of damage. For example, with a sweep of Kano gets his head, and Sub-Zero - would never guess - spits ice. Mechanics simple and primitive - that's why the fights do not last more than two or three minutes.
The victory, however, is not decided in the ring - it is in the main menu. More precisely - in the store. Characters can be developed, they grow in the levels and enjoy the new new thing. For success in battles give money, but do not expect - somewhere in the beginning of the second third will be sorely lacked the funds. You just tamp on the battlefield, and the menu button lights up unobtrusively "store" - and, there is no escape.
This in itself is not a crime - Mortal Kombat X is a free game, so it has the right to buy domestic. But the price tags! The fighters are divided into different colored cards and the main roster - of course, gold. Want Me Johnny Cage? No problem - a couple of thousand (real, rubles) and it is yours. It is possible, in principle, do without the famous fighters (couple still get in the process of passing), but what a joy to fight for ordinary extras? There it.
In theory, go through the campaign (so loudly called a long series of unrelated battles) is possible without investments. But it's crazy hard and, most importantly, do not know why - woke instinct masochist?
And more in the Mortal Kombat X do nothing. Anyway, for now - "battle factions" will open in a couple of days, after you read this note; something tells us that there are no attachments will be even harder.
Looks like a fighting game, so to speak, is much worse than it could be. Okay, on the console image nobody claims - there's a surplus of naturalism - but just decent appearance can be done? In the end, fighting games ever knocked him off his feet graphics - at least, because of the small number of processed objects. And then - something very similar to failure.
Perhaps the game is made for growth - the same Injustice at the time of release was much worse than now. Maybe in six months (year?), Mortal Kombat X blossom accelerate cease to fly, will get a normal balance, graphics and animation. Maybe. In the meantime - yet.