Saturday, April 11, 2015

In anticipation of the start of sales of Apple Watch fell the most popular watch Android-Moto 360

Although the supply of "smart" watch Moto 360 from Motorola and were limited during the IV quarter of last year, the company managed to become a leader among manufacturers of portable devices on the Android Wear. Interest in the model is primarily due to the design, which is considered the benchmark for Android-devices. In anticipation of the start of sales of its main competitor, smart watches Apple Watch, the company decided to reset the price tag on the Moto 360.

In an attempt to entice potential buyers Apple Watch Motorola announced discounts on their "smart" watches. Now Moto 360 with leather strap available in online stores Best Buy and Amazon for $ 179 and $ 180 respectively. Model bracelet will cost $ 220-229.
Motorola - not the only one on the eve of the start of sales of Apple watch, scheduled for April 24, decided to draw the attention of consumers. So, now offered at a discount model MetaWatch . The manufacturer's website and can be ordered for $ 150. MetaWatch M1 with a black-and-white screen were introduced in 2014 and at the beginning of their sales value of $ 250.
For comparison, the cost of Apple Watch starts at $ 349 for the Sport 38-mm case and reaches $ 17,000 for the top-end version of Apple Watch Edition in the case of yellow or pink gold.
In 2014, the producers put on the market more than 720,000 devices on the platform Android Wear, while the total for this period were produced 4.6 million wearable devices.Moto 360 was the most popular model, the second largest number of copies sold steel watch G Watch R by the South Korean LG.