Friday, April 17, 2015

Overview Implosion - Never Lose Hope: all grown-up

About once a year in the mobile gaming market, smiling and light, there is a company that promises everything: we'll give you a game console quality. With graphics, gameplay, story, and no - no, hear! - Domestic payments. Players are waiting for players hoping rubbing in anticipation of their aypeda and iPhones, believe in miracles. 
Обзор Implosion – Never Lose Hope: все по-взрослому

Miracle does not happen ever - Deus Ex: The Fall, released under a similar thesis, quickly dubbed «The Fail», and in Republique nobody played. For some reason you can not. The authors describe the project Implosion in a familiar spirit - these guys, the game console quality. And almost falls through thin ice.
Inputs: The application costs $ 9.99 in-app-payments do not. It takes about two gigabytes, graphics - port to PS2. Best case scenario. According to the scenario - muddy nonsense about the near future, the remnants of the human race, mutants, robots and long-dead relatives. Passport, agree not - does not pull on the console outputs.
Yes and no. Implosion is made in the genre of slashers and it's probably the only format where mobile really can compete with large platforms. Zadran camera up, as if she secured above the ceiling basketball player, and below - our hero: a young man, clad in the exoskeleton. Okay, not really shackled, and astral being in it, but we will not go into details gloomy mind screenwriter. Let it be chained.
So. Exoskeleton - a piece sharp and dangerous. So all the monsters, mutants and other creatures that fly from sharp blades at a time. Well, you - and happy to try: tap-tap-tap on the button and the hero embarks on a mortal waltz. Spinning combos, counter reels the number of beats, p-times - and the exoskeleton in a spectacular jump closes combat maneuver.Implosion in these moments terribly dramatic; a riot of colors and blood successfully camouflage technically weak picture. You can really possible to believe that here it is - a game console.
But no, guys, no. Not how it is done: in addition to acrobatic leaps over the heads of the muddy and ugly battles with the bosses, there will be nothing. Variety at zero - as you started with shredding monsters, and so the finish. The gameplay is, no doubt, peppy, but quickly runs out of steam - Energy as an open, forgotten on the bench.
Yet, the authors determine the exact should be commended for one thing - they are the first attempt to make friends with a mobile console format ideology. The same Deus Ex failed in large part because that just does not fit into the small screen - its technical reservations made the same as it was Senior Human Revolution. And it is fundamentally wrong - after all, a reason the App Store dominate simple and primitive game - on the road in their elementary comfortable to play. Play The Fall had at home - but at home there is no need: at hand, at least, there is a computer.
Implosion is made with an understanding of the nuances. Mission stretches three to five minutes - no more. Very short, but very evil and supersaturated session - is exactly what should be built mobile game. Take several jobs until tryaseshsya the bus or while away the lunch break, and then turn off the phone and get to work - all managed to do. It is good and right, the authors have caught the essence of mobile games. Sorry, did not grasp the essence of the console.
What's in the balance. Interesting design, pull the wretched picture. Tight, but flat action.History - dissipate without going. There are quite a simple scheme to upgrade the exoskeleton - a useful thing, but nothing more. Price list - $ 9.99 .
Clearly not a victory, but not defeated: pretty good, in fact, the game, which shouldered the extra burden of responsibility. Do not think that buying Implosion, you will touch the level games PS4. No - it is the level of iPad and iPhone. But the level is very decent.