Friday, April 17, 2015

Apple Quartz watches from 90s sell on eBay expensive than Apple Watch

We discuss the second year Apple Watch, saying "the first watch of Apple". But the company was producing such accessories since time immemorial - before, as many of us under the table went on foot. Today, such a watch - a rarity with a solid value, and because many owners do not want no greed get rid of them at auction.

A few days ago appeared in the vast eBay auction with quartz clock with multi-colored Apple company logo. The age of this instance - for about 20 years. In the 1990s, these timepieces were used in the advertising campaign to promote the operating system Mac OS. The seller claims that the model is very rare, and this explains the high cost of hours. At the time, Apple was giving them free to load the OS.
It is clear that neither of which is paired with the iPhone out of the question. They know how the same thing can most quartz counterparts - show time. Nevertheless, for the rare instance will have to pay $ 2,500 - the price is higher than the Apple Watch Sport models and Apple Watch.