Sunday, April 5, 2015

Released trailer Mortal Kombat X with giant Goro [video]

In March, the studio NetherRealm Studios, the developer of the fighting game Mortal Kombat X , announced the version of the game for smartphones and tablets. Today we have the opportunity to evaluate the capabilities of a mobile version of the game fighting game.

NetherRealm Studios has released a trailer for Mortal Kombat X, showing the destructive power of the four-Goro, familiar fans of the series still on the first part. The video shows how fragile the human body can be clearly demonstrated and a way to "hide" the head of the enemy in his own shoulders.
I must say that in the NetherRealm not only revived the classic characters, but also added a brand new, who are descendants of the old heroes. These included Cassie Cage, Takashi Takeda, Jacqueline Briggs and Kung Chin, who are descendants of Sonia and John Cage, Kenshi, Kung Lao and Jax, respectively.
Mortal Kombat X will be distributed free of charge in versions for iOS, and Android and will be a mixture of fighting and card games. In this Mortal Kombat X on mobile devices and consoles are linked: gamers will be able to receive awards in the "older" version for achievements in the mobile and vice versa.
Mortal Kombat X will be released on platforms PC, iOS, Android, PS4 and Xbox One the same day as GTA V, April 14th. Somewhat later, May 2, plunge into the world of the sample MK 2015 owners will be able consoles PS3 and Xbox 360.