Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Strengthened glass Ion-X of Apple Watch Sport has not passed a test of strength [video]

Apple Watch Watches are available in three varieties, one of which - Apple Watch Sport - the issue of screen protection relies on a reinforced glass Ion-X. Author YouTube-account Unbox Therapy got their hands on the glass panel sports model and tested it on a protective layer of scratch resistance.

In Apple claims that cover the display Ion-X is almost impossible to damage. This material is used in the manufacture of windows and windows spacecraft speed trains, five times stronger than usual, but it is very thin and light.
Ion-X Glass strengthened at the molecular level. In the production process it is placed in a bath of liquid hydrochloric potassium heated to 400 ° C. Here, the ion exchange occurs, wherein the smaller sodium ions leave the structure of the glass and the larger ions are replaced by potassium. On cooling these ions create a solid surface that is resistant to shock and scratches.
When tempered glass test Ion-X used several kinds of tools that are sure to be scratched or broken just ordinary glass. Among them, a knife, and several kinds of keys sandpaper.
How strong is the display panel Apple Watch Sport, you can see in the video below.