Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The new concept iOS 9 shows an interactive lock screen for iPhone [Video]

No matter how simple and convenient nor was iOS, there will always be disgruntled, who would say that progress for progress - the only correct form of the existence of any product. The goal of Apple - offer the most understandable, accessible mobile platform, which can use without resorting to manuals. However, not everyone agrees with this approach. Third-party designers are continuously looking for ways to improve the iOS, while retaining the familiar face of the system.

Austrian designer Simon Ram prepared concept iOS 9 describing some hypothetical function upcoming OSes. Capabilities of the system are shown on the video ConceptsiPhone on YouTube.
The main innovation of "Nine" - an interactive lock screen Quick Access. Owners of iPhone, in addition to the date, day of week and time are visible on lokskrine application icons that sent the notification. Touch the icon you can see the content of the message: read the events from your calendar, e-mail text, time, missed call, SMS, messages from social networks.
With the help of interactive lock screen, the user can also view the list, without unlocking the device and do not run the Task Manager. Completed tasks can be immediately noted as "fulfillment". Received notification duplicated at the bottom of loskrina next to the button to unlock it.
Designer's ideas for iOS 9 fit in the 2-minute video: