Friday, April 17, 2015

The debate about the benefits of the iPhone and Android, ended of hospitalization two Americans

Two Americans were hospitalized as a result of clashes that occurred because of a dispute about the benefits of their smartphones. One of the participants used the incident iPhone, the other - Android-device. Both are reported to be in a state of intoxication.

"According to the police report of Tulsa, in the morning she found in the parking lot next to the Evergreen Apartments wounded man. She hurried to call the police. Upon arrival at the place of law enforcement officers learned that the two roommates who were intoxicated, there was a quarrel because of their mobile phones. As a result, both struck each other wounded by a beer bottle. During disassembly of one of them struck the other on the head with a bottle".
Now both involved in the incident are being treated at a local hospital. Are the Americans to apply to the police and what turned out to be the best smartphone, law enforcement officers were reported.

The case resembles advertising Lumia 920 smartphone . The video shows a skirmish between users of the iPhone and Samsung smartphones with the epithet "iSheep", «Copybots» and others. Ends the mass brawl.