Friday, April 17, 2015

Why Apple Watch waiting a successful future

April 10 Apple opened pre-order for "smart" watch Apple Watch - the first completely new product in the last five years. Browser Klop suggested, why not believe in a brighter future "apple" novelty.

Shortly after the September presentation of Apple, which have been announced and shown to the public for the first time Apple Watch, users on the network split into two camps: some praised the "smart" watches and anticipating the start of sales, while others criticized the device for a high price and unclear positioning.
This is a typical situation with each new revision of the products Apple. iPhone 6 cursed with the same force with which users angrily spoke of "flat" iOS 7. But then people get used to, reconciled and went to the store for another "apple" gadget.
However, Apple Watch the situation is different. Even now, when the smart watches fall into the hands of reviewers able to adequately assess the merits of the existing devaysa barrage of criticism does not cease. The main claim to smart watch - to varying positioning. Not completely clear why the average user to buy a smart watch. Technology giants promise to holders of smart watches a bright future for notification without hell and with a personal fitness tracker at hand. But in fact it turns out that the problem of such notification the clock is not solved, but only exacerbated a fitness partner can be bought for much less money.
Moreover, if we consider it Apple Watch, it is not only controversial purchase, but also quite expensive - the price of watches start at $ 350 dollars and stretch almost to infinity (or rather, up to the very mark of $ 17 000 dollars for Apple Watch Edition).
However, there is an important characteristic of Apple Watch, which gives us hope: this is the first fully new product from the Cupertino giant over the past five years. The last time Apple introduces an entirely new and independent gadget in 2010 - and the iPad, which then nobody knew, soon became the main device generation.
In 2010, about the purpose of iPad too were many disputes. Swollen to the size of the absurd "iPhone" without USB-outs and support Flash: it seems this device could not be any future. But it turned out that this is not the iPad is not approached the market, and the market has not approached iPad. Segment itself tablets, in fact, there was only through the gadget Apple.
If we recall the launch of the iPhone in 2007, then to the success of the device, too few people believed. Smartphones were then commonplace, and in the sale were bulky mini-computers from Nokia and HTC. Simple "iPhone", it would seem, by functional even inferior to these models with an almost complete operating system, capable of performing the functions of the computer. But right direction for this area given name Apple, and no one sees around him analogues Nokia E90 smartphones or clumsy Windows Mobile.
The fact that Apple is not trying to get their products to do everything at once: out of the box iPad and iPhone, and there is little they can. In Cupertino company only provide the perfect ecosystem for developers who do the main thing: create applications.
The problem is already dead, Windows Mobile and Symbian was that it was quite a closed operating system that works on the principle of conventional push-button phone with basic features. They wanted to provide the user with everything he might need, right out of the box - the number of pre-installed applications on these mobile systems frightened, but their main problem was that they do not work.
Bulky, try to copy the activities of desktop computers, these operating systems require too many resources. But it was the iPhone and App Store applications has changed the game.
As with all of this relate Apple Watch? The answer is simple. Apple and observers may not be able to provide a strong case for "smart" watches, but they will give application developers.
At the moment, the number of pre-ordered watches (pre-order started on 10 April), has already exceeded the mark of 2 million copies. This is almost three times more than all the smart-watches Android Wear from all manufacturers sold in the past year - Motorola, LG and others were able to implement a smart 700,000 hours in 2014.
This is an important indicator that Apple Watch already has a base, a devoted audience, and a guarantee that applications for these watches will appear constantly. It just so happened that the quality of the product technology today is measured not by its technical characteristics and capabilities, and by what it can do and how well he does it. The top iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is inferior to a number of characteristics LG and Samsung, but did not prevent them from being the best smartphone on the market. They know how much, and most importantly, an excellent job with the tasks. At Apple Watch the same future.
A smart watch in the future may become one of the most important gadgets: Apple Watch already knows how to diagnose asthma, Parkinson's disease and breast cancer in the early stages.