Wednesday, April 22, 2015

To return bought Apple Watch Edition will be extremely difficult

On the eve of the start of sales of "smart" watches Apple Watch the web has information about the program return for this device. Worn on the wrist for products deadline will be the same 14 calendar days from the date of delivery, but for models of costly collection Apple Watch Edition prepared a special refund policy.

According to a document on the Web, when returning expensive versions of Apple Watch employees should carefully examine gadget for mechanical damage. It is noted that the apparatus must be satisfactory presentation and should not be engraved. One must have proof of purchase.
Then Apple Watch study the specialists of the Genius Bar. This step applies only to models Apple Watch Edition. Available experts Apple Store has a microscope and electronic scales for jewelry. With their help employees determine if there was any gold shot clock for resale. Return Apple Watch Edition will supervise personally the store manager Apple Store.
After the completion of the inspection of the Apple device will process the refund. Apple Watch Buyer will receive their funds, depending on the method of payment, which is chosen during the ordering process. The funds will be credited to your account within 3-10 business days, depending on the method of payment.
In addition to the special return policy Apple has prepared a special version of the program AppleCare for expensive versions of their hours. For Apple Watch Edition worth $ 10,000 program AppleCare Protection Plan will cost $ 999. Apple Care plan includes hardware maintenance for 2 years and provides the opportunity to directly contact us by phone to Apple experts for technical questions. According to the plan Apple Care+, added an additional third year of technical support and repair is provided in two cases of accidental damage watches.
Use plans and Apple Care Apple Care+ will offer buyers Apple Watch during acquisition device.