Saturday, April 18, 2015

Three problems that users are complaining iOS 8.3

Owners of the iPhone and iPad have faced a number of problems after upgrading to iOS 8.3. Among the complaints - an unstable operation of the wireless Wi-Fi connections and incorrect display of the photos in the standard photo app.

Recently released update iOS 8.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has left some users unhappy. They complain about the work iGadzhetov to Twitter, the official support forum of Apple and other sites. Most complaints focused on unstable connectivity Wi-Fi. Users complain to a failure to connect to wireless networks.
At the moment, a branch devoted to problems of Wi-Fi in iOS 8, ​​has about 3,000 responses and 845,000 views. The number of "fallen under the hand" of users is large enough, so the failure should be of interest kupertinovtsy. It is noteworthy that the problem can not be solved since September last year, when the release of iOS 8.0.
Another complaint concerns the pre photoappendices. Some users have noticed that certain images in a folder are displayed in the wrong chronological order. This failure also moves from one assembly to another, starting with iOS 8.0, and is not corrected drives tuned.
"I updated my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3, to find out that on the iPad photo app would violate the chronological order of the pictures. On the iPhone, so I do not see the problem. Trying to erase the data and restore the backup, but to no avail" - writes the online user LukeD.
Finally, another failure associated with the work of the service iCloud Drive. According to some users on different devices connected to the same account, the total amount of used and free memory in the cloud is displayed differently. So on a smartphone available 4.8 GB, and on the tablet with the same account - 778 MB.
Update iOS 8.3 was made ​​available for download last week. The main innovations assembly is black list and iMessage function download free applications without a password. In addition, the update has increased productivity , as well as bring a set of new features.
Currently Apple is testing a new update iOS 8.4 with an updated Music app. Members do not leave hope that it will solve their problems with the devices.