Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Xiaomi no longer copies Apple

New ads Xiaomi, lured to the presentation of smartphones , has caused outrage in the press. Chinese startup again accused of copying Apple. But is it really?

According Vestifinance , the main Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and concurrently the most expensive technology startups in the world, Xiaomi, never hesitated to copy competitors. First of all borrowed "philosophy" Apple . The company's founder Lei Jun openly declared that in his youth imitating Steve Jobs. Even at press conferences can be seen Xiaomi borrowed from the legendary head of Apple ideas like the phrase «One more thing ...»
Xiaomi device also like the "apple". So Mi Pad tablet and smartphone Redmi 2 sold with cases of different colors, and this "trick" resembles the design of iPhone 5C. Mi UI interface even something like on iOS in its last iteration. Against this background, design invitations to the press conference did not seem to be something out of the ordinary. But there is one "but".
The fact that the design of this leaflet as head habits Xiaomi - not blind imitation, and a direct challenge to Apple. A challenge that no one else can throw. Chinese startup idea is to gradually surpass their own "teacher".
Invitation to presentation Xiaomi
Invitation to presentation of Apple
Enough to pay attention to both the design and the specifications of the last vlagmana Xiaomi - Mi Note especially his older versions - Pro. This device looks absolutely not "apple."The idea of ​​a slightly rounded border of the display and the back cover belongs to the Chinese. They decided that it is more convenient to keep your smartphone. The camera sticks out like the iPhone 6 Plus, the display resolution from top version QHD (2560 by 1440 pixels). When the device was presented earlier Samsung Galaxy S6.
With each generation Xiaomi reduced the technological gap between their business and Apple, and the parallel experiment with design, incorporating the best of his older brother.And if Samsung only in the last generation is trying to change its approach to the layout and content, the Chinese have long understood: in today's market is a necessity. As a result, since Mi Note, we see how Xiaomi repelled by the Heritage Apple and begins to conquer the market independently.
Of course the Chinese desire to switch to the original design and independent experiments with materials and layout devices can alert the experts. The status of "Chinese Apple» provided startup stable income and a place in the top three leading vendors of China.
Now the company may be in a "gray zone" of innovation when it comes to any kind of set-unknown and no clear trend, or spend money, do not get enough return on the market.
But at the moment Xiaomi not only wants, but is forced to go on this way. As we know, Apple considers China a priority market. Cupertino-based company is not only able to break in the fourth quarter of last year, so more and earn a huge amount because its products are sold with a higher margin than in the same Xiaomi. Apple has in China $ 16.1 billion on a background of total revenue $ 74.6 billion.
In such a situation Xiaomi simply can not afford to engage in copying. Need to compete on an equal footing with Apple and offer an equivalent alternative, not clones. This path is really dangerous in the short term but in the long allow startup remain relevant. It's no wonder vice president Hugo Barra Xiaomi hints: at the moment the Chinese did not lead to the expansion of the Western market, but only so far. And when a few years later the brand seriously think about the conquest of the United States and Western Europe, copy iPhone to impress anyone fail.